Dr. David Boghossian, DC was very professional, knowledgeable and gentle. He explained throughly as treated my 12 y old athlete. We asked a lot of questions and he answered all of them with confidence. He took his time and treated us very respectfully. I would highly recommend him as a chiropractor for all ages.

Bobbie M.

Chiropractic office in town. Have been coming here for years (when needed). Dr's David and Edna are amazing. Always glad I came. they are very attentive and knowledgable. Office is clean and staff are all great to deal with. No reservations, I refer anyone that asks me to this office.

Alex P

If you are looking for a chiropractor you NEED to go here! Everyone here is amazing! I had very severe TMJ which gave me really bad headaches, jaw pain, ear pain, and tightness in my shoulders/neck and it was the absolute worst. I've had about maybe 10 sessions so far and the pain has improved so much that I barely feel it anymore! Dr. Edna and Dr. David are truly amazing at what they do and I feel so much better that I did months ago, thanks to them :) Also, the staff is very nice and the place is very clean and everyone follows proper COVID precautions. If I could give them a million stars I would!


Definitely one of the best medical place ever! They treat you so well and take care of you! I had a car accident with a case and took really good care of me! I wish I never leave the place and wishing to continuing to go. Dr Edna is the nicest doctor, technically everyone there! I recommend everyone going there and I promise and guarantee they will take good care of you! THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND EVERYTHING!

Alex Z

Came here with pain from a car accident and literally feel amazing after all the treatments were completed. Best part is that it's incredibly clean and comfortable.

Abraham P

I've been coming here for 5 years now and I absolutely love it! Even after moving to San Diego, I come back here when I need to. I've had several back issues and have seen many different Chiropractors, by far this is the best one. The results speak for themselves and the staff is super friendly and professional. Finding a good Chiropractor can be difficult. I'm so glad I found this place. Thank you B & M Chiropractic!

Jessica B

Every time I have an issue with my back I come here. Dr and his team are FANTASTIC! They really take the time to get to know you and your symptoms before starting any treatments. In fact, my wife and I moved to San Diego a couple of years ago and she started to have back pains. I took her to several Chiropractors , massage and physical therapists etc.. without much improvement in her symptoms. We ended up driving to Glendale just to see Dr Dave. He treated her and made her feel much better, but more importantly gave her some great recommendations on what to do when we get home to continue her progress. Thank you B & M.

Ed S.

I had a car accident and I came to B & M Chiropractic. these guys are the best. They guided me through my journey to recovery. Every time I leave I feel like a new man. My body feels refreshed. I’m impressed with the professionalism. It’s a fun environment and they always play great music. Love these guys

Ara B.

I visited B & M Chiro for the first time and would highly recommended! I saw Dr. who took the time to get to know me & what areas I wanted to address. The actual adjustment also incorporated some massage therapy on my tight muscles which I appreciated, and I'm already feeling better after 1 visit. The office was clean and modern, and the staff was very friendly.

Megan S.

The B & M team are so nice and accommodating. I've gone in having to call off work from stiff neck and sore back on separate occasions and was able to go back to work the next day both times. You are well taken care of here at B & M

Vinnie D

Dr. Edna and her staff are amazing. Their professionalism are superb. Thanks to their treatments , now I can get back to my routine without agonizing pain. I would highly recommend their chiropractic services.

Vardan A.

Best Chiropractic business around. Very friendly staff with a quick wait to get relief wherever your pain is. Dr. Edna and Dr. Suani are both extremely friendly as well as the front office staff. I highly recommend B & M to anyone looking for a Chiropractor!


Everyone in this office is amazing! From the front desk to the Chiropractors. I have had back issues forever and no one has been able to help me except the chiropractors at B & M! I highly recommend this place for all your chiropractic needs. Thanks to B & M, I was able to return back to work after being out for a week due to muscle spasms which landed me in the hospital...TWICE.

Celine G

I got into a car accident. was rear ended by someone and I got whiplash. Needed to see a Chiropractor. I was recommended B & M Chiropractic by a good friend. I saw all the 5-Star yelp reviews so I felt comfortable. They were so friendly. They started a case for me. I filled out the paperwork and everyone was so caring and friendly. Appreciate everything that they did for me. I've gone back 10 times and every time I leave, I feel like a new person. Highly recommend them for any back issues, whiplash, or back -straightening. They're kind, super professional and friendly.

Chigar S

The best chiropractors I have to met! The entire office and staff is a pleasure to deal with. They gave me a quick appointment that was convenient for my time and there was no delay in seeing me when I got there. I had some issues with my back and I feel much better now thanks to them. I highly recommend them to anyone! The doctor was able to find a deep issue that I did not know he could find but got it! I am so happy! Go see them with any muscle or tissue problems you are experiencing, you will not be disappointed! Thank you B & M Chiropractic!

Dmitri D

I've had the pleasure of dealing with Edna for over fifteen years now. Any time I have any injuries, this is the first place I go to! They give the best treatment options, and are good at finding problems. The best part of the experience is that both david and Edna are knowledgable professionals with a fun loving side to them. Make no bones about it! They genuinely care about their patients and want to see them live pain free! Their on call masseuse is great too! She has a tiger like grip, which is capable of untying any muscular knots! The best part about the entire visit is when Edna comes in to give a full body alignment, one crack at a time! Man! It's heavenly!

Nick I

I cannot stop speaking about my experience at B & M even to passersby! I went there for the first time yesterday, and they took me in right at my appointment time. They were personable, knowledgeable, and just down right awesome! She spent time with meant only healing my pains but also educating me (with pictures) on what could have caused it and how to stretch at home. I have not had the pleasure of meeting with Dr. B yet, but I have only great things about him. Also, the offie staff was sweet and answered any questions I had regarding my insurance. Just a wonderful place all around... I cannot wait to return.
Armine A

Sean K from Basis Training PFC referred me to Dr. Suani Lara for a shoulder injury I suffered. She has an excellent report with and is very understanding of her patients. She takes time to thoroughly understand her patient's issues. Highly recommend her.

Lynn W

Great staff, excellent services and Always greeted with a friendly smile. The doctors are amazing-thorough, efficient and very knowledgeable. And. most importantly, I always feel much better after my treatments.


I love this place. The girls are great. Anita is so nice and Stella rocks my mind with her massages. I relax so much every time I go to therapy. Thanks to there great service I will go back.

Jay O

Had the most amazing experience at B & M Chiro! She was kind and super knowledgeable. She took care to understand my reason for the visit and talked me through things that would help with my aches. Everyone coming into the office seemed excited to be there. They were super busy the afternoon I went in but I did not feel rushed at all. Anita the office manager was really sweet and efficient. Overall experience was unlike any other experience I've had at the doctors. I will go back for regular adjustments!

Nar K

The staff at B & M are amazing! They are incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and provide great customer service. I feel very welcomed and know that I will be taken care of while I am there. They really have their patients best interests and will work extremely hard to make their patients feel better. I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

Hilda M.

A friend of mine referred me to B & M Chiropractic a few months ago and I've seen and felt a major difference ever since. I had been going to different chiropractors over the years and I never felt much of a difference as I do now. The staff at B & M are very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Edna always takes care of me effectively and I come out feeling like a new person with lots more energy. I highly recommend them. You won't be sorry.

Ani H.

The whole staff was great. I did not have to wait. They saw me immediately. Very punctual with their appointments. I like their office. It was fresh! Chic and modern. They made me feel very comfortable. I was seen by Dr. Lara! She went above and beyond. Very professional and knowledgeable in her field. I went in there not being able to move my right side due to a severe stiff neck. She not only fixed my neck, I was able to get my work done that I could not have done before my visit to B & M Chiropractic. I was very satisfied with the results of this practice. Many thanks. Great Halloween decorations. Very affordable. Five stars all the way!! Thank you so much! Great work!

Sal V.

Dr. Lara is amazing. I've referred her many of my clients, trainers and family. (I own a Private Personal Training studio) Dr. Lara has help me several times for different issues. Highly recommend her!

Sean K.

I've been going to this place because I have a sciatica nerve problem and let me tell you I've been going to many different chiropractors for the back problem but this place has done the best work and my back has been feeling much better. I work on the field and at one point I use to need to sit every 15 min because the pain shooting all the way down my leg lately I've been able to deal with my work and all of a sudden realize my back isn't hurting and my back pain isn't there. I can go on long walks etc...... I can still feel it minor but it's not nearly is bad as before. One thing the doctor also recommended us to lose weight and I have but with therapy and weight loss I've been feeling much better. I took advise of the Doctor and it's changed my life. He cares and talks to you about the problem and from day one gave many suggestions like an electric stimulation on the nerve muscle which helps a lot. I'm glad I finally found the go to chiropractor.

Rafee A

I hurt my right shoulder playing basketball. After 2 weeks the pain was still there so I decided to see a Chiropractor. I've been to a few Chiropractor in the past but my experience with Dr. Boghossian and Dr. Martikian are top notch. I felt welcomed the moment I walked in. Staff greeted me with a smile and are very accommodating - beautiful office too! Dr. Boghossian is very knowledable, very passionate and love what he does. He took his time to really understand what my problem was. I walked out of this office pain free! The service B&M provided me with was nothing short of amazing. Highly recommended!!!

Paul D

I came to Dr. Lara and she was amazing. My shoulder was hurting bad and now I feel great. She adjusted me and worked on my shoulder. B & M chiro is the best.

Kimmy N

I was in so much pain and I just showed up on the doorstep without an appointment at 9:00am yesterday and the staff took me in and treated me like a princess. I was actually in tears from the low back pain and the ultrasound/massage/electric pulse got me back on my feet. I came back today for a second treatment and i can't even believe the pain is GONE. Dr. Edna, Stella and Anita are so kind and calm and reassuring. Easy free parking AND they took my insurance with NO copay for me which was an awesome surprise.

Marilee M

I was in so much pain and I just showed up on the doorstep without an appointment at 9:00am yesterday and the staff took me in and treated me like a princess. I was actually in tears from the low back pain and the ultrasound/massage/electric pulse got me back on my feet. I came back today for a second treatment and i can't even believe the pain is GONE. Dr. Edna, Stella and Anita are so kind and calm and reassuring. Easy free parking AND they took my insurance with NO copay for me which was an awesome surprise.


I was looking for a chiropractor near my home and decided to give this office a try.
I'm so glad I did. Dr. Edna, Star, and the staff were wonderful. I received the treatment I was seeking for and started noticing results after the second visit.
This office differs from most other chiropractic offices because I received actual adjustments and massages before I left the office each and every time.
I would highly recommend this office to anyone who is looking for all around good service.

Anna S.

Anita, the receptionist is super sweet & so is the rest of the staff :) I would definitely recommend this business to anybody in chiropractor need.

Edna S.

Love love love! I've been in pain from a repetitive motion injury for 2 years and these guys are saving the day! Edna and the rest of the team are awesome and that K-Laser? WOW!! If you have pain and have never tried K-Laser, I HIGHLY recommend you pay these wonderful people a visit. I saw results 5x faster with Edna and her K-Laser than I did with my worker's compensation doctor and TENS or ultrasound treatments. Free parking and competitive pricing for treatment is always great - but couple it with excellent care and you've got yourself a 5 star winner.

Seriously, B & M is the best!

Jenna W.

I was looking for a chiropractor near my home and decided to give this office a try. I'm so glad I did. Dr. Edna, Star, and the staff were wonderful. I received the treatment I was seeking for and started noticing results after the second visit. This office differs from most other chiropractic offices because I received actual adjustments and massages before I left the office each and every time.

I would highly recommend this office to anyone who is looking for all around good service.

Anna S.

I'm so thankful to be a patient of B & M Chiropractic. Awesome bedside manner, staff was extremely polite and helpful! They took the time to explain my MRI report which was done by Kaiser, which they really did not do. Highly recommend this place! Being in the medical field patient care, and bedside manner is vital and this is what they offer effortlessly!! Significant improvements after 1 treatment.

Overall great experience! Thank you.

Elisha M.

I'm telling you guys who ever says Chiropractic does not work then they have never been adjusted. The team at B & M are very professional, anytime I have issues with getting a good night sleep all I do is call them and say it's time and BAM after Dr. Edna does what she does I'm a new man!!!


Really good service, great doctors and they know what they do. Definitely will recommend to anyone.

Michael B.

Went in with annoying muscle spasms and a stiff neck and right after my very first visit I immediately felt relief. Edna and her team are very knowledgable and they did a great job in treating me. Within a week I regained my full range of motion and felt great. Glad I went with B & M Chiropractic, thank you all for everything, you guys are awesome!

Gerry T.

First time here today and I can't believe how wonderful this place is!!! Called yesterday and the person answering the phone was super sweet. I think her name is Anita. No hassles, she booked an appt for today. The chiropractor today (Dr. Edna) was equally amazing and thorough and personable. Just the positive vibes from this place has eased my back pain lol. But seriously this is a very professional and friendly setting. It's an ideal combination not many places measure up to. This whole block is full of good karma! Check out my review of their neighbors next door ( Arden animal hospital) for your furry family members and friends. :-)


I cannot rave about this place enough! I've been going to Kaiser for months and months about my lower back pain, and all I get is a stronger pain pill Rx and a recommendation for an epidural shot "that may or may not work". Say what???
After only 2 treatments here, I feel better than I've felt in 9 months. The doctor takes the time to explain my MRI report to me in layman's terms, adjust the treatment to what my body can handle, and always responds to my email questions in a timely manner.
I've been to chiropractors before who always did the electric treatment and heating pad after adjusting me, but here they do it before. Makes so much more sense!! I also love the table that adjusts my lower body up and down to stretch out the muscles.
Thank you baby yeezus, I have found my savior here on earth!!!!

My recommendation to anyone who wants off the meds and any other invasive procedure that the doctors try to push on you.....go here!!!


I love my new chiropractor. After one week I
have noticed such an improvement. Dr Edna makes
me feel like we have been friends forever. She
is friendly and takes her time!! Her staff,
Anita and Stella are wonderful!!! They are
friendly and handle the front desk
professionally!!! They have my medical needs
before my wallet!! The office is clean and

Thank you Dr Edna and Anita and Stella :)


I have to say this place by far is one of the best places to go to. Everyone is very nice and caring. Dr. Edna is the best and her staff is great also. The girl who does the therapy is very cute and great personality and gives the best massages.

Highly recommended.


I am a doctor of chiropractic and stopped in (I am from out of town) for an adjustment. I had injured my shoulder/upper back that morning while working out in the exercise room of the hotel I was staying at. The pain was moderate to severe and I was heading in to an important 2 day long training where I wanted to feel my best. Dr. Edna was skilled and treated me well.

Thank you for the RELIEF!


This is the best chiropractic team I never meet I am surprised by the service !!!!!


It's been a while since my car accident and I continue to love going to B & M Chiropractic. I was having issues with lower back pain from a herniation and with the therapy at B & M I was able to thankfully recover. Recently, I was having upper shoulder pain and I left feeling like brand new person. I can't stress how amazing this place really is!! They have the best treatments and it really works!

Don't look further B & M Chiro is the place to go!!


I have been coming to this clinic for the past 2 months for treatment after a car accident and all I can say is I'm pleased with the staff. The staff makes you comfortable and welcomed. Dr. Suani, believe that's how you spell her name is determined to treat my injuries as a high priority. Dr. Edna as well is really nice, I've met her only once so far, and wow did she adjuste me just right.

I highly recommend and have recommended to friends who suffer from injuries and pain.


B & M Chiropractic always knows the right spot to relieve all my pain or tension. I have had multiple sports injuries that have had me visit many Chiropractors over the years, but B & M were God sent to ease my pain. Thank you Thank you guys, you are the Best.

If you need Chiropractic help, ease, or an Adjustment. You got to visit this office.


I had never been to a chiropractor prior to visiting B&M and I must say, I was a little nervous. I had got into a car accident close to two months ago and I injured my neck and back pretty badly ( THANKFULLY NO BROKEN BONES ). I was especially nervous because I was extremely sore and stiff in the days following the accident and really all I could imagine was being adjusted by the chiropractor and she ends up breaking my back or neck because of my frailness. (don't laugh, its a legit concern lol)
They did an amazing job, nursing me back to good health, by first loosing up all those knots in my neck and back and adjusting my poor out of place vertebrae. You'd be amazed how much taller you feel after an adjustment. I am still attending my therapy sessions twice a week and I feel great after each session.
Amazingly friendly staff!!! Dr. Suani is so sweet! She helped relieve me of my gnarly knots.... Dr. Edna is such a joy to be around, and she is so gentle while aligning my vertebrae. I am drawing a blank on the two other ladies names, but they were wonderful as well!!!!


I injured my ankle and needed to see someone right away. The friendly staff at B & M Chiropractic gave me a same day appointment over the phone. When I got to the office I was greeted by their friendly staff, and had a little to no wait time before being called in to the exam room. Dr. Edna was very kind and patient and answered all of my questions, quickly putting me at ease about my injury. She treated my injury and went the extra mile by providing me with an ice pack to take home and a bandage for my ankle. She also followed up with me the next day to see how my injury was progressing- so thoughtful and nice! I would definitely recommend this office to all of my friends and family.

B & M Chiropractic definitely cares about their patients and does everything they can to help them feel better.


Remarkable service! Multilingual staff and state of the art equipment makes for nothing less than excellent and effective treatment. Also great for athletes. I always leave feeling better and better, each time.

I'm not saying I can't wait to see them , but if I need too, its a relief knowing that I am going to feel better when I leave there!

B & M has your back!


B & M Chiropractic has been there ever since i have needed any type of physical care since the early 2000s. They treated me after a horrendous snowboarding injury, helping me regain my range of motion in my shoulder and overall physical fitness. The best part is that Edna and the staff are so easy to talk to and have great attitudes which makes you want to spend more time in the doctor's office than out in the real world. I highly recommend any individual who is suffering from any aches or pains in their bodies to seek out the care of these excellent chiropractors in our community. Not to mention they have one of the best massage therapists giving therapuetic rubdowns daily.

Thanks B & M!


Dr. Edna is great! I found them on Yelp and all the reviews were so true! Remarkable service. They also offer massage too and the massage therapist is awesome. Every time I come out of there I feel so rejuvenated and refreshed.


Besides the fact that the office is minutes away from my home and and half an hour away from my work place, It has the best customer service and excellent treatment out there!

After getting into a sudden car accident: They treated my back with state of the art equipment and talented hands from super positive personalities, Lara and Edna! They truly know what they are doing and love doing it. Also, it doesnt hurt to be greeted with up-lifting personality like Anita at the front desk and the staff when arriving to my appointment. Even when I am 15-30min. late from getting to the office, Anita will call and triple check if I am alright. I hope I don't have to deal with anymore pain, but if I do I know exactly where I am going.

I never write reviews or care for them, but B&M Chiropractic deserves the same respect and awareness they gave me and there clients. B&M has your back!, no pun intended ;)


Awesome staff !!!!! Great Chiropractors... I go frequently to their office and have a great experience every time , going frequently has fixed my posture and problem areas.

Thank you !!!!


Amazing experience at B&M Chiropractic. Dr. Lara was a great doctor who took the time to explain why my back was hurting and what we can do fix the problem. She showed me exercises and stretched my back. In just one visit she was able to relieve me from years of back pain that I have had. I will continue going in for weekly treatments at this amazing facility.

Thank you Dr. Lara!


I've been to quite a few chiropractors in the past, but this is the best one! They really work to heal you at this place! They are always changing up the treatments in order to get the best results for your back. The staff is also super friendly. Great place!


Amazing people, real professionals, they all made me feel very comfortable and I got the best treatment for my neck and back, i highly recommend them to anyone who's looking to get sm help.


Definately an AMAZING group of people who truly care of the betterment of their patients. Hours of operation are convenient for the working population, and their service is done in a timely manner. After suffering from migraine headaches for years, the staff at B & M Chiropractic truly helped me pull through and minimize my migraines. They are always willing to help in any way possible!

Thank you B & M!


I went to see Dr Edna for my stiff neck and tension in my neck/shoulder/upper back areas. It was super easy to get an appointment and the staff was friendly. Not only did I love the quality of service I received, as a mother of 3 time is crucial so I appreciated the fact that my treatment was done in a timely manner.

I feel great and I will DEFINITELY go back if needed. B & M Chiropractic comes highly recommended!


Friendliest and most respectful chiropractor in southern california. Both chiropractors take time to see how you are feeling then find a way to fix your aches and pains. The staff is very friendly and their work space and machines are very nice.

Hands down refer B & M chiropractic for any back problems!


I was referred to them by my friend and they took my appointment immediately. The staff is nice and the doctors here really know what they are doing. They provided a full evaluation of my injury and created a treatment plan.

Highly recommended, the best in the area in my opinion.


It's always nice to walk into an office and see young, friendly professionals at work. Go in and get adjusted, it might even do your mood some good.


I had a serious lower back issue as my work is all about sitting. I was referred to B & M Chiropractic from my aunt who also had back issues. When I visited the office, the stafff was incredibly supportive, helpful & knowledgeable. They provided a comfortable really comfortable and friendly environment. I tried alot of chriopractic offices for my back issues but the only one that cured it was B & M.

I highly recommend B & M to anyone.


After an auto accident, I went to B & M Chiropractic for recovery. Choosing them was the best decision I have ever made. They have helped me tremendously to regain the strength I need to recover. The entire staff is friendly and very helpful. From my adjustments and therapeutic massages, I have been able to recover from lower back and neck&shoulder pains. Not to mention the doctors here are very well educated. They know exactly what one needs in order to recover. This is the BEST chiropractic place to go!!!

B & M Chiropractic is the BEST chiropractic center in town!! They have helped me regenerate my spinal problems and life!! Without their help, I wouldn't be able to move forward and continue on with my daily activities. With their friendly staff and helpful recommendations, I think everyone MUST go and try their therapies! They provide incredible massage therapies for only $30, paraffin bathes, & much more!

Trust me you won't regret it!


Dr. Dave is AWESOME! I went to another place for a few weeks with horrible back pain (I could barely walk), and was frustrated. I went to Dr. Dave's office and I felt the difference! After a diagnosis, I had a massage, heat therapy, and an adjustment...and bam, I felt better!

It you want RELIEF, B & M is a the place to go!


Dear Dr. Boghossian,

From the bottom of my heart, I am expressing my appreciation for your great chiropractic treatments and extraordinary services that your staff provides to your patients. I am hoping more success for your clinic.



Dr. Dave, Dr. Edna & staff

Thank you very much for the wonderful care & service you rendered to both of us. Your thoughtfulness means so much more than words can ever say.


Fredy & Evelyn.

Dr. Bog

You are the Babe Ruth of chirporactic! Thanks for fixing me up! Without you helping me out, my football season wouldn't have been as successful. I've been to many chiropractors, but you, by far, have that magic touch. Keep your office running with your great (very kind and funny) office staff. Thanks again, your the # 1 chirpracor.


My experience at B & M has been informative and beneficial. The doctors are extremely patient and takes the time to explain the treatments thoroughly. The staff is also very helpful and friendly.

I would be comfortable recommending them to any of my friends who were in need of chiropractic care.


We love em. They are the greatest


Dear Dr. Dave

Thank you for your help. I appreciate it. All the best.